Beginning your Archery journey with Chewton Archers

How can I start archery?

In short - easily! Chewton Archers offer two-hour come and try sessions for you to

experience archery with us. In a small group (8 person max) you will learn how to

shoot safely under the guidance of an Archery Australia accredited coach. Archery

Australia is the national governing body for archery and you will be covered by their

insurance during your visit.

There is a Come & Try-Level 1 session each month followed by two further sessions

where you will build on the skills learned in your first session and learn more about

archery. The three sessions form your pathway to membership with Chewton Archers.

You can book a Come & Try session-Level 1 without obligation to proceed to a Level

2 or 3, however, if you think you might like to become a Club member please

consider booking all three sessions consecutively. You must book and complete the

sessions in sequence.

Who can participate?

Chewton Archers is committed to inclusivity and accessibility. Anyone 8 years or

older is eligible to participate in a Come and Try Session with us. As far as possible,

within our resource constraints, we will do our best to support all abilities

participation, so please contact us at if you have any

queries and we will explore ways to support you.

Session costs

The cost for each of the sessions is $35 for an adult, and $30 for those under 18

years old.

Chewton Archers is the recipient of VicSport Grants aimed at increasing the

participation of underrepresented groups in sport. These grants can cover the cost of

Come & Try sessions, Club membership and/or Club vouchers for range and

equipment fees. Currently the following groups can benefit from the Grants:

● Women & Girls.

● People living with disability.

● People of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander background.

● Members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Our Try Booking system allows you to select one of the Grant options. For further details 

please contact to obtain a promotion code prior to 


The Club is also registered with the Victorian Government’s Get Active Kids

voucher program: This program is

seasonal and usually opens to applicants during the summer months. If a person

under 18 years old qualifies for this voucher program, a voucher for $200 can cover

the cost of participating in Come and Try sessions, Club membership and/or Club

vouchers for range and equipment fees.

How to book

To view available sessions and to book please visit our booking site at:L

Enrolling your child?

The Club Code of Conduct requires that a person under 16 years old must be

accompanied by a responsible adult while participating in Club activities. In our

experience, those who have enrolled their child discover that they also would like to

join in the fun. There are not too many sports where parents/carers, grandparents

and children can all participate together, so here is your opportunity. So you might

like to consider booking both yourself and the child for your first Come and Try

session. You and the child in your care will enjoy the experience more if you do it

together-you can help each other as you progress. Further, you have nothing to lose

and you might be surprised-many of our current members discovered their

enjoyment of archery in this way!

Where are the sessions held?

All sessions are held at the Club’s premises, Chewton Archery Park, 663 Pyrenees

Highway, Chewton, Victoria 3451:

What to bring

Yourself, a water bottle, a sun hat and sunscreen. We provide you with all other

appropriate safety and shooting equipment and ensure that you understand how to

use it before we commence the session.



Statistically, archery is a very safe sport. However, for the safety of you and others

attending your session, please note the following important safety instructions:

1. When shooting, the bow string travels at considerable speed close to your body.

    So it is important to make sure that the string will not become tangled with

    anything. Prior to commencement of the session:

        ● Hair must be tied back off the face;

        ● Loose jewellery (eg bracelets, long necklaces, chains) removed ; and

        ● Some facial piercings may need to be covered or removed;

        ● Loose or bulky clothing (eg a scarf or puffer jacket) removed, so consider

            wearing a close fitting topTee shirts are fine in warm weather and long

            sleeved thermal tops work well if its cooler. Chest pockets should be emptied

            of bulky items.

2. Arrows have a sharp point at the front and can be quite sharp at the rear of the

    arrow (the ‘nock’). So to prevent injury from dropped arrows etc. footwear should

    be closed over the top of the foot - thongs, sandals and similar footwear are not

    suitable and you will be unable to participate if you wear them.

3. We shoot outdoors, often in full sun, so protection from ultraviolet radiation is


        ● Bring a hat (many archers use a ‘bucket hat’ because baseball caps can

            interfere with your shooting),

        ● If you have one, an SPF 50+ shirt (or tight woven shirt), with long sleeves and

            a collar, is ideal. Otherwise, a long-sleeved shirt or sun sleeves will be


        ● Consider bringing sunglasses – some archers shoot with them.

        ● Finally, please apply your sunscreen to all exposed skin.

4. Please ensure that you are not under the influence of alcohol or any other

    substance that could affect your participation at this session.

5. If you have any pre-existing medical condition that we should know about, please

    let us know – we will do our best to make any adjustments so that the session is as

    enjoyable as possible for you.


Prospective members of Chewton Archers must meet required safety standards

before being accepted for membership. Different pathways to membership are

described in a separate information sheet: