About Us

Chewton Archers was formed in 1979 for the purpose of promoting target archery. 


The Club premises are located at: 663 Pyrenees Highway, Chewton, 3451, Victoria. https://goo.gl/maps/34SqzmbHKweKv3Mt5

The premises owned by the Club include a 90m outdoor range, a 70m outdoor range, a 12 target field course and an 18m indoor range. The Club does not have the capacity to engage in clout shooting.


Being the northernmost target archery club located in regional Victoria, the Club attracts members and visitors from across north central Victorian Local Government areas, spanning the northern fringes of Melbourne to the south, Bendigo to the north, Maryborough to the west and Heathcote to the east. Club membership is open to all, but safety dictates that members must have acquired basic archery skills before shooting at the Club facilities.


The Club is committed to promoting the sport of target archery while also upholding, as far as the Club's limited resources reasonably permit, the following principles:

Safety – all participants in Club activities should always feel safe in all respects.

Citizenship – being an incorporated not for profit association, the Club is a good corporate citizen of the community to which it belongs.

Wellbeing – through its encouragement and support of participation in the sport of target archery, the Club seeks to enhance the health and wellbeing of those who come to the Club and thereby contribute to the health and wellbeing of the wider community.  

Embracing diversity by inclusion – our Club is part of a diverse community, it respects and supports that diversity by encouraging and welcoming all newcomers who share our enjoyment of target archery within the framework of our core principles.

Accessibility – As best it can, given resource limitations, the Club actively pursues programs to encourage and assist members of our community who confront barriers to participation in active recreation (including financial, physical and societal pressures) so that they may participate in the sport of target archery.

Supporting target archers on their respective target archery paths – Our Club respects and supports members and visitors as they shape and pursue their respective unique vision of themselves as archers, whether that be as a competitive archer, a social archer or otherwise.

Caring for the natural environment at the Club’s premises – The Club seeks to protect and restore the natural environment at the Club’s premises.