Q. What days is the club open? A. We are open Sundays from 10am - 1pm. Members can get a club key and shoot any day of the week. Occasionally it will be necessary to close the Club shooting ranges (eg for the purposes of a working bee), in which case an email will be sent to members notifying them regarding when the ranges will be closed and which ranges will be closed.

Q. How do I become a member? A. If you are new to the sport, we run a beginners course four times a year to teach the basics, after completion of the course you have the option to join the club. For those with previous experience, you can join at any time upon approval by the committee.

Q. Do I have to be a member to shoot? A. You must be a member of Archery Australia or an affiliated association to be able to shoot at the club. 

Q. Why do I have to pay Archery Australia (AA) membership as well as club membership? A. Archery Australia membership covers all insurance and allows members to shoot at competitions, while club membership covers upkeep and maintenance at the club.