Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Chewton Bowmen Name change Competition

The Club

Chewton Bowmen was formed 39 years ago in 1979 and is situated in natural bushland just outside of Castlemaine. Our members consist of individuals, couples and families. We have members who are beginner archers who use club equipment and advanced archers with the best bows and arrows for their class. Some of our archers participate in competition archery and some archers just shoot for fitness, mindfulness - and we all shoot for fun.

A New Committee

The 2018 committee (composed of new members and a new president) decided that one of our first decisions should be to make sure the club name is as inclusive as the club itself. It had been brought to our attention many times that the name Chewton Bowman suggested it was a ‘men’s club’. This is far from the truth! We have several excellent female archers in our club and lots of couples and families. Chewton Bowmen is more about being able to participate in a club that doesn’t discriminate or divide activities by gender or age. Mothers, sons, fathers, daughters, husbands and wives all shoot side by side and compete against each other. Unlike lots of other junior sports, parents don’t sit on the sidelines and watch or coach; they can participate and have a truly exceptional bonding experience. We also have lots of people who come as individuals and beginners start from ages 8 to 80. You’re never too old to start archery!
So, Chewton Bowman will now officially be known as Chewton Archers.

The Competition

To help celebrate this we have decided we need a new logo and that we will open our logo design to the community at large. We are offering two four week beginner archery courses for the winning logo design entry. The beginner’s course vouchers can be used by the winner or given away as a gift to friends or family. With a total value of $180 it’s a great motivational prize!

The winning logo design will be chosen by a vote by club members. Entries are due by August 30. Voting will occur in September. To submit a logo design to the competition please email